Tuesday, 22 March 2011

old paintings and new paintings

A friend gave me a drawing book about 4 years ago. (Shows that I used it and that I didn't just put it on my shelf to collect dust... :P)
These paintings are a couple of years old.
Still incomplete...
Actually I made a strawberry slushy/slurpee
the other day. It was soo good!!

Look familiar??

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Before and after.

I found a drawing in a old scrapbook probably 5+ years ago. Its a drawing of my desk and desk lamp right near my bed. When I compared it to a drawing I sketched late last year I was surprised that it looks (nearly) exactly the same. So it goes to show that my room hasn't changed much at all!!
See if you can spot the difference.

6 points to those people who spotted the incandescent light bulb!

An update on my projects to come may include more books, (joke book?), a calander, some cards and many more other little things.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Ever since I first learnt to bind books in first year uni (subject called Form & Structure), I've been making smaller books, with not as many pages. I wanted to use the verses I've drawn with other articles to make small books as gifts for people.

For Form and Structure (in first year uni) I had to make a sixteen page, A5 storybook. I chose to adapt the well-known story of "The Gingerbread Man". When I first thought about it, binding seemed difficult so I tried to practice just with blank pages and eventually learnt how to do it (with much glue on my hands and paper everywhere.) I modified the instuctions (which I found on the internet) to get the final product. Ta da!

Below are smaller (less than A6) hardcover books. The covers are made from wrapping paper I bought to add texture and thickness. I also added my own decorations to the cover using silver fabric paint.

A gift.

If you want to find out how to book bind, I suggest looking at videos(on youtube) on how others book bind hardcovers. This site shows you the basics, D.I.Y book binding. There are so many other types of binding as well like Japanese book binding and perfect binding.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Bible Verses

You know, writing/starting a blog is actually not as easy as i thought...i just don't know where to start??
Well i guess, recently i've been drawing bible verses, fineliner and added colour with water colour pencils. I started doing this last year but A3 size, but these are smaller drawing in my sketch book.

This is my blog....

Well this is my blog... surprise...decided to make one (not coz i just watched Julie & Julia....) BUT to show what I've been up too, which could mean my designs, random drawings, cooking, random snapshots and just stuff i like. But this is probably a great way to proscratinate!