Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Geelong trip-sketches

A friend from Sydney visited in the break, so we went to Geelong as a day trip. I haven't been there in ages! So on the long train ride back I sketched a few images and some images werr from photos from my camera. These images are drawn with fineliner and water colour. Love using the water colour pallet and brush pen.
In a train to catch another train in the city

far from the city

A fountain in Geelong

Saturday, 23 April 2011

The weird and wonderful

I was looking at a packaging website and I saw this: Alice in Wonderland Beauty Products

It reminded me of the Tim Burton Exhibition that was in Melbourne at ACMI, which was both weird and wonderful.

Also I recently caught up with my year 12 art teacher and met her husband and we went to see Top Arts, which is in the Ian Potter Gallery at Fed Square. (So if you have time definitely go there and see it!)

One of my favourites was a installation which was of paper people. It was hanging in a corner of the gallery, and when the light cast a shadow you could see the people more clearly because of the intricate details that were cut out of the paper. It was amazing to see how much work was put into the artworks and the high level of skill.

Also I went to the Disney's Dreams Come True Exhibition at ACMI (before it closes on the 26th April) love all the sketches and drawings!!!! Very inspirational!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Melbourne Museum & Packaging

Well uni has been pretty busy, assignments at the halfway mark.

But recently I made an A5 hardcover book for a friend as a gift, made some macaroon packaging, but hopefully will make some surface graphics because its a bit plain.
For more macaroon packaging see these posts.

Also have this assignment to make an educational publication or object based from an exhibition in the Melbourne Museum. So I went tot he Melbourne Museum (twice) which was really interesting and amazing. I loved the 3D room, and the underwater exhibition. So I'm basing my project on Deep-sea creatures, the weird looking ones. So I have started to draw some fish.

Since holidays are starting, might start to make a 2012 calendar or a t-shirt. But I'll see if i have time.