Tuesday, 5 July 2011

belated blog for AGIdeas

I never got the chance to blog about AGIdeas 2011, which was an amazing 3 days. Some of my favourite speakers were:

Ken Miki (Japan)
Loved the illustration of the continuous line.

Oslo Davis (Australia)
Quick, humorous illustrations with pen and watercolour
(Now I know what Justin Bieber looks like with a beard.)

Chris Doyle (Australia)

Benjamin Ducroz (Australia)
Great animations, definitely would have taken a long time to make.

Dean Gorrison

Something Splendid
(If you haven't tried the 'cocktail typer' then go try it! http://cocktailtyper.com/)

The list could go on until all 40 speakers are listed! But I think I like the old venue better at the Art Centre, but it was still worth while.The lunch was delicious, loved the panna cotta pear dessert.

Also I went with friend to a studio R-Co, it was nice to see how much work is involved in putting together pitches and the brands.

State of Design

Yarra Trams

Tennis Australia
(Image source:http://www.r-co.com.au/design-portfolio.aspx)

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