Sunday, 24 July 2011

Day 8

I'm a bit behind on days but going to take some more photos soon.

A few photos of my newly decorated wall. I saw an image in a magazine of clouds and rain wall stickers and decided to give it a shot. My motto: why not make it yourself? I've re-used some inked blue paper that has been sitting around my room for a while (3 years?) and used blue tack to stick it to my wall.  I think I'm going to replace the roughly drawn cloud with some grey paper.


  1. Is this what you told me about? It looks cool. Was this in the Frankie I lent you?

  2. Yeah, think it was Frankie that u lent me, you should make your own DIY rain cloud.

  3. Oh cool. The inked paper makes the rain look awesome. Haha, I might try it.