Thursday, 16 February 2012

more type :)

Well I just started lettering again, but this time I got some inspiration from some type which was in a magazine I collected. I think I randomly picked up a magazine/publication that was in a pile one day at Uni and never read it, so I was cleaning out my room/desk of unwanted paper and other bits and pieces (only to have made more space for future collections of random paper and booklets) and opened it to a page which had the words pretty please. I just googled to see who created it and it is Karl Kwansy. It also reminded me of Gemma O'brien who I learnt about/discovered in Uni and also saw in a small publication for Semi-Permanent (because she presented in Brisbane 2010), I love the type and the flow of it. So I guess thats what inspired my own.

So a lesson to be learnt: Inspiration comes from anywhere, especially things that you might have found or collected but you thought you didn't need it or remember seeing. (I think that is why my desk/shelves are covered with little bits and pieces and small publications and magazines making my room messy...) (and faith in God is the victory which overcomes the world)
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