Monday, 4 March 2013

Where does my help come from?

Every time I read this verse I just think of this hymn that I learnt at True Jesus Church (TJC), Melbourne STTTC (short term theological training course) Good times! 
Its so easy to remember the verse if you learn it with a tune. 

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  1. I just found your site today. Wow, your drawing is awesome. I have been so blessed as I read every one of your lettered drawings.
    I am decorating a piece of furniture for my room which I got at a thrift store. One side has drawers and the other side has a door. the door has 2 panels. I put scrapbook paper on the fronts of the doors. I was wanting to know if it would be ok to use this drawing on it. I'm not selling it or anything just putting it on my dresser. All the paper is done in light pinks, browns and aqua. The color is perfect. Also do you have any others in these light colors? I love the bright and colorful ones for sure! But my other furniture is being painted light pink. Either way thanks! Melanie (would it be good to give you my email...probably.